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For most people, reading a contract conjures up feelings of dread rather than elation—perhaps even more so for artists. And who can blame them? Nevertheless, if you are going to succeed as a creative person in a business world, you must come to terms with the need to balance your aesthetic sense with business savvy. 

A Surprisingly Interesting Book About Contracts is specifically written to help artists and other creative people overcome contract anxiety. This book provides a painless, and, like the title promises, surprisingly interesting introduction to contracts and other art world business issues. With insights from experienced attorney,

Sarah Conley Odenkirk, amusing legal tales, and useful forms, you will arm yourself with knowledge and confidence for all of your creative endeavors. You might even find a few reasons to chuckle along the way.

A Surprisingly Interesting Book About Contracts offers simple explanations in plain English. It will give you the tools to be in the best possible position to maintain control of your work and achieve career success. And you may even begin to enjoy the business of artistic practice.

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